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Voice & Accent

english Speaking institute in laxminagar

This is something which adds beauty to the way you utter words that is pronunciation i.e. Voice and accents is the way of pronouncing words and sentences that somehow gives idea about from where you belong to .this course is designed for those who face mother tongue issues want to get over it because as we know that voice and accent has great importance in the spoken section or in in BPO’S , English spoken countries and for English professionals it is like water to the tree to grow or shine up that’s how with the English to have its beauty voice and accents should be perfect . there are aspects to improve voice and accents such as word stress sentence stress, linking and intonation (rise and fall of voice) so being the Best voice and accent training institute in Laxminagar , we cover all of these aspects and so we make us different from others by our this specialization so don’t take so much time to think come and join us you will never regret to your decision that’s our promise.