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Business English

english Speaking institute in laxminagar

This is something which is specialized only after understanding the need of Business environment ,it is particularly for those who wants to get proficiency in English and want to learn about the key issues of the business at the same time, the ambition of course content of business English is to teach the students English along with the work ethics of the business ,finance, technology and work place culture to get familiar with the actual facts .in short it is something which make you familiar with the professionalism and the teach you adherence of the norms of particular workplace. We believe in our specialization as we have been serving in the industry for the versatile needs of candidates Since decades and there positive feedbacks has made us one of the English Spoken Classes in laxmi nagar

After completing this course, you will be able to:

  1. Describe things and events in the context of Business English
  2. Make Requests in the context of Business English
  3. Support Arguments in the context of Business English
  4. Use appropriate tone and style according to the context of Business English
  5. Conduct an Audience Analysis
  6. Match audience with the purpose and medium of Communication
  7. Analyse and summarise Business Data